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Wireless Monitoring and Control 

How It Works

It all starts with a Gateway communicating with sensors through optimized, encrypted 900 Mhz radio waves for superior communication and range, far surpassing WiFi capability!

Ethernet gateways simply plug into your existing Internet router. Cellular gateways automatically connect to the sensor portal. No configuration, no security issues, no problems. Plug it in, your ready to go.

Prices range from $120 to $250 depending on model and options. If your in an AIMNET Smart-Building, it is already there waiting for you at no cost!

The gateway then collects and passes sensor data to the monitoring portal through a basic Internet service or Cellular connection.

More than 40 different types of sensors and control devices are available. Each having several different options to be sure the sensor is perfect for the application. Prices range from $70 to $ 400 depending on options. Contact us to speak with one of our engineers to build the perfect monitoring system for your application.

Wireless, battery powered sensors may be mounted up to 1,200 feet from the Gateway allowing for installation in even remote locations. No wiring, easy to install, and battery life that lasts years.

Check sensor readings and status anytime from your PC, Cell Phone or Tablet.

Receive and instant text message and email alert when any sensor exceeds limits customized to your needs.

Check historical information, graphs, status and more. Even control a motor or light from almost anywhere.

Free basic access to the monitoring portal allows complete control, status information, history reports, graphs and full exporting capability for compliance reports or record purposes.