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Wireless Monitoring and Control 

Wireless monitoring systems provide a cost-effective means of dramatically improving your ability to monitor conditions, status, activity of both environment and assets. Wireless technology allows for easy installation and management as well as instant text message and email alerting systems when something is not right. AIMNET, an Alta / Monnit Partner offers several wireless monitoring, logging and alerting systems that can meet almost every need. Home, business, retail, medical, manufacturing and more. We have the right solution for almost every need.


The Alta optimized RF communications platform provides superior wireless range for covering large areas. The Gateway uses 900 MHz radio waves to communicated with more than 80 types of sensors.  This allows far greater range than typical WiFi systems.

Each system starts with a Gateway that simply plugs into your Internet router or switch and in turn collects data from up to 100 different sensors. That data then uses your internet service to send that data to the on-line monitoring portal. Sensors require no wiring of any kind and can send their monitored data from as far as 1200 feet from the Gateway.

Battery powered or plug in transformer power options are available making installation a breeze.

The iMonnit on-line monitoring portal logs all monitored conditions, allows complete reports on on-going conditions and allows you to set up text and email alerts according to your parameters. 

View reports, current conditions, historical information from your cell phone, smart device or PC from anywhere at any time.

Download and print compliance reports, documentation and hard copies of monitored conditions.

Alerts may be sent to one or more people via instant text message, email alert or option direct telephone call. Proactive monitoring and alerting can save you from disaster or let you know when something is just not right.

With more than 80 different types of sensors and hundreds of possible configurations and options, we have the right sensor for almost every need. If you do no see what you need, please contact us for additional information and options including custom built solutions.

A few sensor options








Air Quality


HVAC & Power

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