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Wireless Sensors

The following is a brief description of our most popular wireless sensors.

All sensors communicate through our Gateways sending status information to the online monitoring portal. Each Gateway can connect up to 100 sensors mounted within 1,200 feet (+/-) of the Gateway. All are battery powered removing the need for power wiring and all use RF technology to allow for superior communication. All sensors have many options and the following may not reflect all options that are available. Please contact us and allow our engineering team to build your perfect sensor network.



Temperature sensors are our most popular product. We offer more than 20 different types of configurations and builds, including many customized solutions for particular needs. Visit our on-line store for a detailed list of options and available types or contact us and allow our engineers to point you to the perfect solution. Prices range from $80 to $200 depending on options.



Humidity is a critical condition to maintain proper environments for many products and assets. Like temperature, humidity sensors can be configured to meet specific needs and trigger specific reactions and automation. Never let wet humid conditions destroy your inventory or assets again. Our humidity sensors are used in everything from art galleys to pharmaceutical applications and private residences.  Prices range from $ 90 to $200 depending on options.

In addition to recording conditions and alerting users of potential problems, sensors can also trigger reactions. Activate or deactivate electrical equipment based on sensor readings to automate a process. Activate exhaust systems, dehumidifiers, or humidifiers, lighting, alarms, machines, motors and more. Let us build the perfect automation system for your needs or specific application.
Contact our engineering team at any time for assistance. YES, we can do that!



Motion sensors can act to inform you of human motion within a space, activate HVAC operations, turn on lights or simply inform you of activity.

IR based, (Infrared or heat detection), humans, animals and anything that produces heat can be tracked, alarmed and trigger reactions. Maximum 15 foot range, location is important. Priced from $120 to $300 these sensors are portable, accurate and very impressive. 

Opened or Closed


Door, window, cabinet, cooler, safe, or even a desk draw. Know when almost any access has been opened or closed and react to the fact that it was. 

Magnetic contact sensors are a very critical monitoring tool for a broad range of applications. We have several different options available, Priced from $150 to $200 this sensor offers so many applications, it would take an entire site to describe.

Water and Leak Detection


Water leaks from foundations, water heaters, boilers, plumbing or broken pipes can cause extensive damage to a property. Early detection of a leak can help reduce or eliminate water damage concerns. 

We offer rope type sensors for wide area coverage or probe type sensors for more specific detection locations. Prices range from $175 to $250 depending on rope lengths or power options.

Button Alerting and Control


Wireless buttons allow for instant text and email alerts or provide for on/off control functions. Completely wireless and battery powered buttons can be mounted almost anywhere or remain mobile. Instantly notify a front desk, property manager, salesman or a group of a need or situation. Turn on and off lights, motors, exhaust fans and more from anywhere. Priced at around $90, the possibilities are endless.

Activity Detection

Detect activity, vibration, movement of almost any object or asset. Set detection levels to define the sensitivity of motion. Track the amount of time an object is active or receive an instant alert if an object has been moved.

Activity sensors offer possibilities for many applications including manufacturing, asset tracking, security monitoring and more. Prices range from $80 to $120 depending on selected options.


Air Quality / CO Monitoring


Air quality monitoring and CO (carbon monoxide) detection are important factors in maintaining a healthy environment. Our line of air quality sensors allow for tracking and recording levels over long term as well as providing instant alerts when air quality reaches unhealthy levels. Sensors can also activate exhaust, fresh air systems, louvers and dampers automatically when required. Priced from $145 to $300.

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