Smart Thermostats

There are many Smart Thermostats on the market today that offer users the ability to improve comfort, reduce energy use, and monitor properties for system failures. Offering internet and smart device connections allows users to manage settings and check conditions from almost anywhere at any time. 


While most offer the same basic options and abilities, some go beyond the standard and offer options and designs that make them stand out in the crowd. We have tested dozens of different products in real-world applications and have chosen the following as our Best in Class. 

Johnson Controls


The perfect blend of form and function.

Features a vibrant translucent OLED touchscreen.

Easy voice control with Alexa and Google Assistant.

Maintains a comfortable space while saving energy.

Monitors air quality for a healthier home or office.



A high resolution digital thermostat with full color touch screen display.

Customizable Wallpapers allow you to install your own pictures. Upload your photos and your thermostat turns into a digital picture frame while it keeps you comfortable.

Simple Scheduling - A thermostat that is easy to program with 365-day / holiday / vacation to meet all your needs.


Total security is very flexible; from locking down all the functions and adjustments with a lock code or restricting temperature set-points.


The Skyport mobile app allows you to control your thermostat from almost anywhere.

thermostat image.GIF

The vivid glass-encased display lights up when you’re nearby. Under the hood, the powerful quad-core processor, dual-band Wi-Fi and far-field voice put you in control of your home’s comfort and entertainment.

A Smart Thermostat with voice control learns your home’s unique energy profile and your occupancy schedule, enhancing the way you experience the comfort and saving you money on your energy bill.

Ordinary thermostats read the temperature in just one room—usually the front hallway. Understandably, they can struggle to deliver comfort in the rest of the home.

Pair your Ecobee smart thermostat with up to 32 sensors to detect both temperature and occupancy throughout your home. Each Smart Sensor you add increases your smart thermostat’s ability to deliver comfort in the rooms that matter most and better balance out hot or cold spots.


The NHX7IPW is a Ethernet color touchscreen thermostat (white trim) with an advanced remote sensor bus, designed for new or replacement commercial or residential applications. The integrated logic for both conventional and heat pump applications can be configured for up to three (3) stages of heating and two (2) stages of cooling. The thermostat also includes complete humidity control, fresh air damper control, scheduling for an auxiliary relay, and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) equipment control.

DirectConnect™ helps deliver a near-effortless setup of your daily schedules (4 events per day) and up to 80 Additional Events (40 Special and 40 Calendar Events). The unique scheduling structure also supports the powerful features of adjustable temporary override times and temperature ranges, occupied and unoccupied events, keypad lockout, and many more features.

Possible substitute for Proliphix IMT550C