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Basic Service for Home and Home Office - Free Telephone Service

A revolutionary device that frees you from expensive phone bills forever.



Free calling has never been easier. With any Ooma Telo purchase, you’ll get free VoIP service to anyone in the U.S. All you pay are applicable taxes and fees.


Uses an advanced voice compression algorithm that reduces bandwidth by 60% over standard home phone service technologies. This leaves you with more bandwidth for all your other online activities.


Take your privacy seriously. We use the same encryption technology governments use to protect classified data (which makes us more secure than your old landline and a great free landline alternative).

The Telo is a device that provides affordable phone service while still giving you all of the features you’re accustomed to with a traditional landline, cheaper than the competition.

All you need to do is connect the Telo device to your high-speed Internet connection, and you can start making phone calls for free. All you pay are applicable taxes and fees.


Telo comes with all of the standard features you would expect including caller-ID, call waiting, Bluetooth capabilities, call logs, cheap international calling, voicemail, and 911 calling and 911 alerts.

Every call comes with PureVoice™ technology to ensure clear calls and fewer dropped calls. And, Telo is also integrated with Amazon Alexa for hands-free calling.


Take your home phone on-the-go.

With Telo, you can use your phone from anywhere. Enjoy free outbound calling, see who has called, and access your voice mail all through the Ooma app.

A phone that protects your home.

Telo phone service can be expanded into a complete smart security system. Receive alerts if anything is amiss at home, with the option to call your local 911, from anywhere.


Three ways to connect.

No matter your setup, Telo, Telo Air or Telo 4G make it simple to get clear phone service. (Telo 4G service costs $11.99 per month for cellular access)

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