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Wattbox® 250-Series Wi-Fi Power Controller | 2 Individually Controlled Outlets (Wi-Fi or Wired)


Finally: an ultra-compact, Wi-Fi enabled WattBox with every feature you could imagine! Now, delivering maximum uptime is easier than ever before, giving you every reason to put a WattBox on every job. The WattBox 250 IPW series is a compact Wi-Fi WattBox with individually controlled outlets, professional-grade surge protection, and the option for wired connectivity. The WattBox 250 is the only 2-outlet individually controlled surge protector that supports OvrC, the industry’s #1 remote management platform. With its affordable price point and the truck-roll eliminating power of OvrC, putting this WattBox on every job will save you time and money. Thanks to its small size and wireless capability, you can power and control everything from digital signage or a smart TV to video conferencing equipment or an entire A/V rack. The only limit to where you can put this WattBox to enjoy its incredible benefits is your own creativity. Note: Wireless capabilities are activated after setup via local web interface and disconnection of wired LAN.


Take Control

This isn’t your basic IoT device. Whether you’re connecting to a Wi-Fi or a wired LAN connection, the WattBox 250-IPW is designed to power and control everything from a frozen video streaming device or a non-responsive network video recorder to hard-to-reach equipment in a conference room credenza. Take control of the two most critical components on every site – the modem and router – to automatically restore connectivity and get your client back online.


OvrC Remote Management

Through an easy-to-use desktop or mobile app, you can reboot devices, modify configurations, update firmware and more – all from anywhere in the world. Plus, if a WattBox falls offline, OvrC provides you with a detailed notification so you can address the issue before your customer even notices. 


Every Spot, Every Job

We know that you’ll ultimately find many more ways to use this ultra-flexible form factor than we can think of. However, here are a few ideas for how you can unlock the power of WattBox:

  • Use the detachable IEC cord to pair the WattBox 250 Series power controllers with a range of WattBox IEC cords with various lengths and styles to fit the needs of any job. Also, short extension cord pigtails allow an integrator to accommodate even the largest plugs and wall warts.
  • Auto-reboot a network from a structured wiring can or behind a smart TV.
  • Reboot CCTV recorders remotely or create a control system command to power cycle an auditorium DSP.
  • Program a workstation, POS system, or other energy-hogging systems to power down at night.






Wattbox WB-250-IPW-2 Power Strip & Surge Protector

SKU: ST2323
  • WB-250-IPW-2

    2 Watt, active wired LAN connection

    Type: NEMA 5-15R
    Number of outlets: 2

    Outlet On/Off, Device on/off AC, RJ-45 link/activity

    120V, 50/60Hz (Minimum 88V, Maximum 132V)

    AC Input Connection: IEC C-14

    Voltage Protection Rating: L-N 600V, L-G 600V, N-G 600V
    UL Power Rating: 1440W
    Voltage Protection Rating: 500V
    Joule Rating: 1080J


    Field Replaceable 5X20mm 15A Fast-Blow Fuse 250v 15A; 217 Series Ceramic

    Individual Outlets: No
    Device: No

    Yes, MOV Type with AC Disconnect Thermal Fuse

    6 Ft.

    Wired: RJ-45, 10/100 Ethernet
    Wireless: Yes, 2.4GHz

    IP Controlled Banks: 2 Individually Controlled
    API: Yes, IP/Telnet (Full config & control)


    Yes, configured in OvrC/API

    Yes, configured in OvrC/API

    Yes (Website & Client-/Integrator Mobile Apps)

    Yes, via OvrC, API

    Integrated Web UI: Yes, Limited to basic network config, outlet reset/on/off and access control

    32 - 104°F (0-40°C)

    Plastic, Matte black finish

    Integrated eyelets, surface/in-wall box mounting (available in Aug 2019)

    3.00 in. x 7.38 in. x 1.38 in.

    8.2 in. x 2.5 in. x 5.6 in.

    0.7 lbs (device only, no cord)

    1.56 lbs

    UL 62368-1, UL 1449, FCC 47 CFR Part 15 Subpart B


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