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Proliphix IMT550C Thermostat and HVAC Controller. 


One of the few Smart Thermostats on the market today that does not require an Internet connection for most all operations. The IMT550 is not reliant on a manufacturers web portal. Its built in web server allows access to all settings and configurations through a direct local area network connection. You may also connect directly to the device from a remote location by using port forwarding to its internal static IP.


Hard wired with CAT5 cable for network connection. 


The IMT Series of Internet-Managed Energy Controllers now gives you greater choice and flexibility to add HVAC and equipment monitoring and control to your facilities.  The IMT550C connects with a Cat-5 Ethernet cable for traditional installation or in areas where wireless signal strength may be degraded by environmental influences.  The IMT550C thermostat can handle up to 3 stage heat and 2 stage air conditioning. 


Additionally, the IMT550C supports three external wired sensors which can be used to sense temperature or dry contact closures from external equipment.  Each of these sensors can provide independent alarms via email or text message notification when pre-set threshold conditions are exceeded.  Two independently scheduled auxiliary relays are also supported to enable customers to control additional equipment. 

Proliphix IMT550C Thermostat

    • Dual stage, compatible with fossil fuel and heat pump (w/ aux heat) systems
    • Adjustable setpoint deadband
    • Passcode protected keypad lockout
    • 4 Temperature periods per day
    • 12 Daily schedule profiles
    • 366 day programming
    • Five year scheduling
    • Vacation and special day schedules
    • Humidity sensing with AC and external humidification/dehumidification control
    • 3 Sensor inputs (temp./ contact closure)
    • 2 Auxiliary relays
    • Independent sensor alarms
    • Fan scheduling
    • Auto changeover
    • Reliable TCP/IP communications
    • Web Browser control interface
    • Automated Email & text message reporting
  • The IMT550C offer 3 auxilliary inputs for sensors. We offer several types of sensors that may be added for monitoring room temperature, supply and return air temperatures, outdoor temperatures, fluid temperatures and more.

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