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Deter intruders with the Ooma Siren.

Nothing says “get out” like a screaming 105-decibel siren. Just plug our siren into a wall socket near your entry points, and burglars will know instantly that you (and likely your neighbors) are aware of their presence.


Key Details

  • Equipped with a loud 105-decibel siren.
  • Warning “chirps” will sound while alarm is still in grace period, and when the siren is switching modes.
  • Includes battery back-up feature so that alarm keeps sounding even if the unit is pulled from a wall outlet.
  • Will silence automatically after a time period that you control in your settings.
  • Plugs into any wall socket and connects wirelessly to your Telo Base Station.

Ooma Security Siren

  • You will find the following items included with the Ooma Siren:

    • Ooma Siren
    • Quick Start Guide
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