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Stop second-guessing with our garage door sensor.

Don’t you hate it when you can’t remember if you left the garage door open? With the Ooma Garage Door Sensor, simply check your app and get a real-time status from wherever you are. Or, customize your settings to be alerted whenever it opens.


Key Details

  • Detects whether your garage door is open or closed using a gravity-tilt sensor.
  • Get peace of mind by checking to see if your garage door is closed while you are away.
  • Receive alerts via app notifications, phone, text, email and Telo voice announcements.
  • Comes with AAA batteries (approximately 1.5 year battery life), adhesive pads, and mounting screws.

You can use the Ooma Home Security App to determine when the Garage Door Sensor is enabled, or when it is idle. The app can also be programmed so that you are alerted when the Garage Door Sensor has not been activated within a certain time frame. This can be useful if you are expecting someone to return home at a certain time each day.


Garage door sensor manufactured by V-Tech, part number 100-0355-101, compatable with Ooma security, Telo or stand alone sensor.

Ooma Garage Door Sensor

SKU: 2
  • You will find the following items included with the Garage Door Sensor package:

    • Garage Door Sensor
    • Double-sided mounting tape
    • Mounting screws
    • Two AAA batteries
    • User’s manual
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