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The wireless air speed sensor measures the pressure difference between two input ports, the temperature, and altitude determines the speed at which the air is moving in a system and transmits the measurement to the monitoring panel. The sensor measures the pressure difference between two ports. When viewing the sensor from the top, the right inlet port is the negative or low side pressure input. When the pressure on this port is greater than the left port the sensor produces a negative pressure reading. When the pressure is greater on the left port the sensor produces a positive pressure reading. Combined with the temperature and the altitude, the sensor determines at what rate the air is flowing in a system.


Pressure Range: -500 Pa to 500 Pa

Allowable Overpressure:  100 kPa

Rated Burst Pressure:  500 kPa

Max Humidity for Long-Term Exposure:  40°C dew point

Sensing Range:  Range at 0 m Altitude: 0-30m/s

                          Range at 5000 m Altitude: 0-40m/s

                          Range at 8000 m Altitude: 0-50m/s

Span Repeatability:  0.5% of reading

Span Shift Due to Temperature Variation:  < 0.5% of reading per 10°C

Offset Stability:  < 0.05 Pa/year

Calibrated For:  Air, N2

Media Compatibility:  Air, N2, O2, non-condensing

Weight:  3.7 oz

Supply Voltage:  2.7–3.8 VDC (3.0–3.8 VDC using power supply)

Battery Type:  2 Replaceable AA 1.5 V Batteries

Dimension:  4.375 in x 2.470 in x 1.12 in

Supply Voltage:  2.0 - 3.8 V (2 x AA 1.5V Batteries or Optional Power Supply)

Battery Life:  At 1-hour heartbeat setting, included AA batteries will typically last 6-8 Years. **

Max Operating Temperature Using AA Alkaline:  -18°C to 55°C (0°F to 130°F)

Max Operating Temperature Using AA Lithium:  -40°C to 60°C (-40°F to 140°F)

Optimal Battery Operating Temperature:  +10°C to +50°C (+50°F to +122°F)

Enclosure Material:  ABS

Operating Frequency:  900 MHz Operating Frequency

Certifications:  Complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. (FCC ID: ZTL-G2SC1)

                       Complies with Industry Canada standards. (IC: 9794A-G2SC1)

Device Range:  Device Range Up to 1,200 ft. non-line-of-sight, wireless device range*

Security:  Encrypt-RF® (Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange + AES-128 CBC)

Air Velocity / Speed Sensor

    • Power Supply
    • USB Cable
    • Wireless Sensor
    • Mounting Hardware
    • 2 x AA Batteries
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