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Energy Management
Reduce your energy costs and improve comfort.

At AIMNET, energy management is one of our most popular services. We design, install and support systems for a wide range of building types and systems. And all AIMNET EMS systems can be connected to our remote control centers for professional management.

We take steps to reduce the number of run time minutes on all electrical or fuel driven equipment within your building or office, reducing your costs of operation, repairs, maintenance and increasing equipment life expectancy.

We check operations to ensure comfort levels are met, equipment performance is at its maximum and occupancy schedules are correct. We detect malfunctions in operations and automatically dispatch technicians to resolve the issues.

An Energy Management System is just that, a management system. Left unmanaged or incorrectly managed no energy management system will perform to its best ability. In fact, an incorrectly managed EMS system can do more harm than good.

When it comes to effective energy management operations, it takes a professional who understands what the data means, how to work with it and what steps to take to make sure operations are correct.

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