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Our next evolution ...

AIMNET has been supplying and supporting building and office technology, automation and Internet based control systems for more than two decades. While our business model has primarily focused on the commercial and industrial market segment we will be expanding into several new markets including educational and residential.

As leaders in the industry, we have always been on the cutting edge of technology, automation and remote management and monitoring systems. We now take the next step by opening a state of the art product showroom, demonstration and training center. Our new high profile location will offer a broad range of products and services to help our current and future customers better understand what is available and how to implement the growing and ever improving products. And we will open our doors to the growing residential marketplace.

Not a "big box" or department store ...

Unlike big box and department stores we do not sell printer paper, lumber, plumbing fixtures, televisions, stereos, appliances or clothing. We specialize exclusively on technology and Internet based product lines. Our trained sales agents have real world experience on every single product we sell. They know how to answer customer questions accurately. They understand our customers needs and what products suit those needs.

Whats makes us a better choice ...

Extensively tested products & systems

All the products we sell have been through extensive in-house, real world testing for at least 3 months. We purchase and install at least one of everything we feel could be of benefit to our customer base. Only when a product meets our stringent requirements do they make it to our inventory and demonstration booths.

Live product demonstrations

Our products are set up at demonstration booths that allow us to offer live, real time demonstrations of features, benefits and include PC, tablet and cell phone applications for testing purposes. Our experts demonstrate features, options and benefits each product offers and includes comparisons between various manufacturers and models.

Hands-on training in our training center

We don't stop at sales! We provide free, in-classroom training on how to work with our products, how to install them, how to configure, setup and use apps to take advantage of  what Internet based products offer. We add basic networking information and configurations, understanding energy savings, HVAC, control and much more to be sure our customers understand how to take advantage of the many benefits offered.

Professional, life time support

First line of support by phone, face-to-face help desk and on-site field services when needed. We are there before and after the sale to assist our customers with any problems they may run into. And if that support requires a site visit, we have field technicians ready to go to our customers location to resolve problems or provide repairs. Beyond the product itself, we also offer related services, such as HVAC maintenance when a thermostat reports a need for service or repairs and when a monitoring product reports a malfunction. 

Installation and on-site services

Not sure you can install a product on your own? Although most products we sell are fairly easy to install, and we offers classes to teach our customers how to do so, some may still not feel comfortable with self installation. We offer that too! We also follow that up with on-going field services should our customers ever have that need.

Site surveys and design services

If a customer is not sure exactly what they need, if a product is compatible or what fits their particular desires, we offer on-site field surveys prior to purchase. This allows us to be sure our customers get the right product for the right application. We can determine what is involved with installation, what a property may need and then guide our customers in the right direction.

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