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Cut-The-Cord Special Offer on Home Telephone Service

Use your own phone to connect to the Telo unit directly or add an Ooma phone or Linx adaptor to connect to the Telo base station wirelessly.

The Ooma Linx adaptor simple plugs into any standard electrical outlet. You may then plug your standard phone into Linx and it will automatically connect your phone to the Telo Base. 

You may also purchase an Ooma HD3 portable and / or a DP1 desk phone that will also connect to the Ooma base station wirelessly. Using an Ooma phone over your own standard phone allows Ooma's High Definition voice quality for all calls.

Is your Telo unit already installed?  No problem, you can add on any Telo phone at any time. We ship your phone to you and you simply pair it to your exiting Telo unit and set the telephone number you wish to use.

Did you know you can expand your Ooma Telo to also provide home monitoring and security?

Home Monitoring Upgrade

Yes, your Telo unit can also provide security and home monitoring features. Simply pair any sensor to your Telo unit and enjoy peace of mind with home monitoring and security features.

Special offer for add on devices!

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