Lets Play

A private world event sponsored by team SF. Be active, be alert, win rewards. Work with your teams, communicate, be smart!


Gain event points. The players with the most points win.

Points can be gained by completing missions. Missions will consist of BP gain, donations and successful answers or objectives defined in

Private Limited Time Missions


Three prizes will be awarded. First, second and third place.

First place winner chooses first, second place second and third gets left overs.


One level 38 SB

One level 34 SB

One $50 iTunes gift card.(*)

SBs will be permanent as long as you remain SF. If winners leave team or retire, SBs get returned to SF.

(*) iTunes is USA only, PayPal gift will be awarded to non US 


To allow all players regardless of level to win, handicaps will be applied to final point totals.

Your total power will be used to handicap your point total. At the beginning of the event your total power at that moment will be recorded. At the end of the event, your total collected event reward points will be divided by your recorded power level measured in millions. That result will be your final score.

I.E: 5000 event points / 50M power = 100 final points

3000 event points / 16.2M power = 185 final points


Our lower power players have best chance of winning. Sorry beasts!

Players involved with sponsoring event are disqualified. So I and others cannot win the event but will be involved in communication PLTMs.

event schedule


First: Cap_America - Chose iTunes Reward
Second: Blade - Pending choice

Third: Blitz - Pending Blade choice

Bonus: Country - Pending Blade choice

Special acknowledgments:

Thank you Digger for donating SBs as part of rewards. 

Thank you Nukem, who won third place and passed his win to Country

Congrats to Mags who simply dominated event and without handicap, won hands down.

Cheers to Blade, who as Captain of his "Captains Revolution" killed the PLTM

New PLTMs will be posted during the entire time frame of the private event. You will need to check here to see each new PLTM



None currently active



Time frame:

Hints to completing PLTMs will periodically get posted to AC to help complete the Mission.


You may NOT change your name during the event! 

Current standings during event will not be revealed.

A spread sheet will be created that will list player names, starting and ending BP, donations and power level. The spreadsheet will be published and available here at the start and at the end of the event. It is up to you to verify your total starting and ending point totals! Please notify me immediately if you see an error.

Communication is critical! You will perform better in every way if you communicate with your team mates. However, you cannot provide answers to PLTMs that involve answering questions. You may assist them in finding the right answer, but not give the the exact answer. Hints are best ....

PDF of totals

There may be some slight differences in starting totals based on timing of screenshots and activity of each player while information is transferred to spreadsheet.