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Professional Installation Details

AIMNET is an RGF certified professional dealer and installer of the RGF product line. We do not sell this product for do it yourself installation. When you purchase this product from us we include standard professional installation in accordance with the following terms and conditions.

  • The Reme Halo is installed in a duct system that is most commonly used in central warm air heating and central cooling systems. If you do not have a duct system, one will need to be installed to use this product. We do have options available for this but it is not a standard installation.

  • The quantity of Halo units required is determined by the size of the duct system and its rated air flow, (CFM) Most applications for residential and small commercial or retail will only require one unit, however larger systems where air flow exceeds 6000 cfm may require more.

  • The duct system in which the unit is installed must be accessible from a standard 8 foot ladder or within an attic space.

  • The Reme Halo requires a 24 volt power supply. Therefore a power source must be available at the installation location. In most cases HVAC equipment will have a 24 Volt power supply available, a standard outlet in which a transformer may be plugged in or a means of adding a transformer to a direct power supply.

  • The Reme Halo works best when your fan system is running. Therefore your control source, thermostat or other form of fan control must be available to run your fan when no heating or cooling may be needed.

  • We perform installations in Connecticut only. Please do not place an order for this if you live outside the state of Connecticut.

  • Due to travel distance from our store, the total cost of the installation will vary with your location. This is due to the time involved to travel to your location. You may select your county to determine the installed cost.

  • The UV bulb used in the Reme Halo does have an effective life cycle based on the number of hours your fan runs. Typically the bulb will need to be replaced about every 18 months. We stock replacement bulbs and you may order a replacement bulb for self replacement.

Any deviation to the above would not be considered a standard installation that is included in our published pricing. If upon arrival our installers determine that the installation does not meet with the above guidelines, there may be additional costs involved. Our installers will review this with you and estimate the approximate additional costs. You may at that time choose to proceed by paying the additional cost or cancel the installation. PLEASE be aware that there will be a penalty for the cancelation of $100. We will refund your purchase price less the $100 penalty fee.

After your order is placed our scheduling department will contact you within 48 hours at the phone number provided to arrange an installation date. Someone over the age of 18 years old must be present during the installation process. Typical standard installations take approximately 2 hours for each unit.

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