The Cut-The-Cord Basic Starter Kit includes everything you need to improve your Internet, WIFI, TV, and Telephone services in an easy to install starter package. In most cases, this kit will pay for itself in less than 6 months by reducing your costs of services, rental fees, and cable TV charges while improving the quality of your services.


The Basic Kit includes:

(1) High-Speed Netgear cable modem.

(1) Router and mesh WIFI access points with ports for patch cables.

(1) Streaming media device for streaming TV and entertainment sources.

(1) Free telephone service. Full feature telephone at NO COST other than local taxes and fees.


Easy to install and set-up. Apps walk you through every step of the way. 

For additional information on each device please refer to the specific details shown for individual items shown below.


Professional installation and configuration service is available for select areas.


Cut the Cord Basic Starter Kit

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  • The basic kit includes FREE telephone service, (local taxes and fees are charged,) and a full set of telephone features.

    Premium services offer a $30 discount on the package. Premium telephone service provides two telephone numbers for $4.50 per month / each. An upgraded suite of features including free existing number port, enhanced spam blocking, cell phone app, text to email messaging, and much more.