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Cut the Cord

Do it yourself products

The products shown below allow for a complete cut the cord upgrade for the do-it-yourself individual.

Step 1: Replace your cable modem and or router with your own high-speed modem. Eliminate rental fees and improve the quality of your service.

Step 2: Install a router with WiFi and mess network features to improve the quality of service and total WifI coverage for your entire home or office.

Step 3: Replace your cable TV with HD streaming video services. Your new network will offer you a very broad range of TV and entertainment services at less cost than your cable provider. 

Step 4: Add high-quality telephone services for FREE. Or, get two lines of telephone service for $ 4.50 per telephone line with an extensive set of featues.

Step 5: Make your home or office smart. Add other options to improve comfort, communications, security, safety, entertainment, automation and so much more. While reducing your costs.

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