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The monopoly of Internet Service Providers is now over! Step into the future and improve your services while reducing your costs! 


Are you ready to cut the cord from your cable company to obtain better services at less cost?

If so we offer all products and professional installation services through our tech specialists to help you with the conversion. 


Take this quick assessment to see if you can improve your experience with home tech:

  • I sometimes have intermittent WIFI service

  • It sometimes takes a long time for files to download

  • It sometimes takes a long time for a webpage to load

  • When I’m on a video call, it sometimes buffers or people freeze

  • I have tech in my home that I want to connect to via the internet (such as my security system, my doorbell, my TV, my computer, my mobile devices, etc)

  • I have areas within my home where the WIFI signal is poor

  • Some members of my household have a difficult time operating my TV apps or other tech devices in my home

  • I’m tired of sitting on hold when I call my Cable Company with a problem


If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then you have room for improvement in your home tech solutions.



It seems that EVERYTHING in your home is connected to the internet these days. Which is a great idea … when it works!  Unfortunately, it seems too often that something doesn’t work.


Of course, Internet Service Providers want to solve all your problems by getting you to spend more to upgrade your equipment or to pay for more WIFI speed.


But, that’s probably not necessary if you have your home tech set up to optimize your in-home WIFI signal. 


You’re probably wondering: 

“How do I even know if I am paying too much?”  (By the way, you probably are…)

Most of the time, you can improve your tech performance, reduce your frustration, and enjoy your experience more … all while reducing your bills!  Don’t worry – we’ll show you how!



We want to empower you with knowledge so you can say Good-bye to Absurdly High Cost Internet, Telephone, & Entertainment Choices.  

You deserve better performance, and you might be paying more than you have to for your tech to deliver what you need.

About Us

AIMNET is a technology supplier and integrator dedicated to helping home owners and small business implement cost effective technology solutions. We offer products and services that help improve comfort, efficiency, safety, communication, operations and life style.

We also offer Cut The Cord services to save costs and improve your network performance all while saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Your private network will allow for a broad range of optional Smart Home devices. As a partner of Cut The Cord we offer exclusive deals just for you! 


Cut The Cord

Are you ready to Cut the Cord

If you are a do-it-yourselfer with basic knowledge of networking and Internet technologies, we offer complete kits to allow you to Cut-Your-Cord. Simply click the order icon to select from a perfect set of matched products.

If you prefer to have a consultation with one of our tech specialists prior to proceeding or if you prefer to have a professional install your package and or guild you through the purchase process, please submit the form below and we will contact you to provide support or schedule an installation.

Lets get started!

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