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Notice to AIMNET customers and AIMNET monitored facilities.

In face of the current situation we as Americans and the world are facing with the spread of the COVID-19 virus, we are taking all necessary steps to ensure that our remote management services continue uninterrupted. While we have no knowledge of any of our employees being affected by COVID-19 at this time, we are also taking steps to help protect those employees from infection. This may include home isolation should that be required. We want our customers to know that AIMNET has taken extraordinary efforts to ensure that ALL AIMNET managed facilities will continue to be monitored and remotely managed. 

Remote Management & Monitoring 

While AIMNET has always had redundancy in our monitoring systems and servers we have taken this redundancy one step further by providing all staff responsible for these functions to operate effectively from their homes. We have invested in the required infrastructure required to allow each of our monitoring staff to provide 100% of their responsibilities related to remote management and monitoring from their homes. Although we would never expect any employee to work if they become ill, this will allow us to continue uninterrupted in the event that isolation becomes required.

Telephones and Communication

AIMNET has installed our telephone networks into our employees homes. This will allow us to continue communication with our customers through our normal telephone system. Should we be required to shut down our central offices or retail centers, all telephone calls coming into us will be automatically transferred to a representative. 

Technicians and Field Services

In order to help protect our staff and customers we are attempting to reduce the dispatch of our technicians for any reason other than emergencies. All routine services and non essential services are being suspended until such time as we feel the COVID-19 emergency has passed. We do stand ready and prepared to handle any emergency needs! However, if you have a routine service or non essential service or installation scheduled, that service will be delayed. You will be contacted by our dispatch center to reschedule any field services.

Retail Center, Demonstration Center and Training Classes

All scheduled product and service demonstrations at our retail center located in Orange, Connecticut are being postponed to later dates. All training classes that had been scheduled for the months of March and April have been cancelled. For our clients who have scheduled classes for which any fees have been paid, a full refund will be provided. All cancelled training classes will be rescheduled at a later date and you will receive a notification of the new dates in the near future.


Our contractors counter remains open for AIMNET partners and contractors, however our showroom will be closed to the general public. We will continue to operate our on-line store and will continue shipping of all orders placed through our website.

Product and Parts Availability

We have begun to experience delays in the shipment of products and parts from many of our suppliers. As a result of lost production at various manufacturing facilities, especially those with components manufactured in China, our inventory of products is beginning to run below our normal stock levels. If you have an outstanding order with us, a replacement or a new installation scheduled, please be aware there may be some delays. You will receive an email from us allowing you to cancel any order with full refund or confirm your decision to wait for delivery at a later date. If you place a web order for an item we do not have in stock, your credit card will not be charged until that product is actually shipped.

AIMNET Air Purification Systems and their affect on COVID-19

To our customers for whom we have installed RGF ultraviolet and HALO air purification systems, we want you to know we have been in close contact with RGF to determine how effective the product and technology is in combating and or killing COVID-19. While we remain optimistic on the products ability it is an untested virus. The following is a statement from RGF as well as links to important information they have published.

RGF® PHI-Cell® and REME HALO® Technology – Impact on Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)


From the World Health Organization, “Coronaviruses (CoV) are a large family of viruses that cause illness ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases such as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV).” Further from WHO, “COVID-19 is an infectious disease caused by the most recently discovered coronavirus. This new virus was unknown before the outbreak began in Wuhan, China, in December 2019.”

RGF® manufactures a range of air purification and air filtration products for residential, commercial and healthcare applications. This bulletin aims to answer frequently asked questions for our distributors.

Are test results available for RGF’s PHI-Cell® or REME HALO® on COVID-19?

We currently do not have testing specifically on the Wuhan Coronavirus (COVID-19). We are evaluating testing options with partners in both U.S. and China. As there are a limited number of facilities capable of testing for this virus, their focus is on prioritizing testing as it relates directly to the recent outbreaks.

Is RGF’s PHI-Cell® and REME HALO® technology effective at reducing COVID-19?

COVID-19 is a member of the enveloped RNA coronavirus (subgenus sarbecovirus, Orthocoronavirinae) subfamily. While RGF® does not have testing specifically on COVID-19, we have validated test results showing 99+% reductions on similar viruses. These viruses, like COVID-19, are also ‘enveloped’ or protein jacketed virus types. If we can reduce these virus types, an assumption could be made that we would also be effective at reducing the current coronavirus at hand. Important to note that we make no medical claims.

Please click here for additional information.

Special notice for facilities with AIMNET Professional managed HVAC Systems

While we all are potentially facing extraordinary disruption in our normal daily lives, please know that we are paying special attention to the operation of HVAC systems and their potential interaction with air handling, ventilation and fresh air operations. Although not enough is known at this point on the COVID-19 virus and its spread, we are utilizing our remote management services to increase the rate of exhaust of indoor air and introduction of fresh outdoor air into facilities that are equipped to do so. 

In addition we are implementing special operations to increase the air flow rates where we feel this form of operation will improve air cleaning and RGF purification.

While we attempt to do so we are limited to allowing these forms of operation when they may adversely affect indoor comfort levels, temperatures as they relate to outdoor weather conditions. Therefore we will maximize these operation during unoccupied cycles. If you should decide to remain closed during any of your normally occupied periods in any of our managed facilities, please let us know! This will allow us to both increase air circulation systems and save energy for you by reducing to normal unoccupied temperatures.

Updates on our status:

We will continue to post the status of our operations here as things may change. Please visit this page for updates and additional information.

03/12/2020: We have sold out of all RGF UV and Halo air treatment hardware and replacement bulbs. If you have an AIMNET Professional Services Agreement that includes on-going services to your air treatment system, and you are scheduled for spring services, know we do have replacement bulbs reserved for you.

03/16/2020: We haven taken steps to improve the safety of our staff by implementing a staggering schedule. We will only have 1 employee working out of our central office on any given day while others will continue to work at home. While we are finding this to be very effective with little adverse affect on our normal daily operations, there may be some delays is our ability to answer phone calls and email. Several of our departments phone numbers have been transferred to employee homes. Please be patient when allowing for a return phone call or a reply to your email.


03/17/2020: We have shut down our contractors and web order pick-up counter. While we will still be offering services to our contractors and partners and allowing pickup we ask that all orders that are not placed on our website be called in. We will hand deliver your orders to the parking lot upon arrival to our retail center. Please call us at 203-272-1242 upon arrival and we will hand deliver your order to you.

03/17/2020: For our customers who have asked about setting home offices for employees, we have received a shipment of our Internet based phones and are able to pre-configure them for specific needs prior to delivery. This will allow work at home employees to simply pickup their business phone and plug it into their internet connection for instant and reliable communications from a dedicated phone number. If you are also using one of AIMNET's telephone networks we can also handle all forwarding needs remotely from our management center. 

03/18/2020: Several of our technology partners are now offering unprecedented discounts and special services as their way of supporting us and our customers during this difficult time. We are pleased to announce that our telephone partners are now offering free business class phones for those who will be working from home over the near future. Please contact us for additional information.