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Notice to AIMNET customers and AIMNET monitored facilities.

In face of the current situation we as Americans and the world are facing with the spread of the COVID-19 virus, we are taking all necessary steps to ensure that our remote management services continue uninterrupted. While we have no knowledge of any of our employees being affected by COVID-19 at this time, we are also taking steps to help protect those employees from infection. This may include home isolation should that be required. We want our customers to know that AIMNET has taken extraordinary efforts to ensure that ALL AIMNET managed facilities will continue to be monitored and remotely managed. 

Technicians and Field Services

In order to help protect our staff and customers, our technicians are working in full compliance with CDC regulations including face protection, gloves and sanitizing. While a large portion of our field services are in locations not necessarily occupied, there are cases where we must access occupied work spaces. We understand that some of our customers may not permit this and we respect that hesitation. 

We have however suspended all installation services to the residential market when any such installation would require us to enter a home. 

Retail Center, Demonstration Center and Training Classes

We are following all CDC guidelines in our now reopened retail and demonstration showroom. Face masks are required to enter and social distancing guidelines are strictly followed. We have opened our showroom with limitations on capacity on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

We are also accepting Private Appointments for access to our showroom for the purposes of product demonstrations, technical support or to simply browse our products, Appointments are available on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sunday. Please call us at 203-800-4410 to schedule a private appointment.

We are also offering curbside pickup 7 days a week. You may place an order by phone or on-line and we will deliver your purchase to you automobile with no touch deliverer if required. We are also delivering to homes and businesses in our local area at no additional cost.

Our contractors counter remains open with the same guidelines as our showroom and retail center.

All classroom training classes have been cancelled. We are offering one on one training only at this time.

Special notice for facilities with AIMNET Professional managed HVAC Systems

While we all are potentially facing extraordinary disruption in our normal daily lives, please know that we are paying special attention to the operation of HVAC systems and their potential interaction with air handling, ventilation and fresh air operations. Although not enough is known at this point on the COVID-19 virus and its spread, we are utilizing our remote management services to increase the rate of exhaust of indoor air and introduction of fresh outdoor air into facilities that are equipped to do so. 

While we attempt to do so we are limited to allowing these forms of operation when they may adversely affect indoor comfort levels, temperatures as they relate to outdoor weather conditions. Therefore we will maximize these operation during unoccupied cycles. If you should decide to remain closed during any of your normally occupied periods in any of our managed facilities, please let us know! This will allow us to both increase air circulation systems and save energy for you by reducing to normal unoccupied temperatures.

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